How To Broadcast Audio Using Audio Hijack - Shoutcast & Icecast

Connecting Audio hijack to Shoutcheap

Download Audio Hijack

Once you have Audio hijack installed

Go to your Shoutcheap Control panel > Quick Links > Live Source Connections

Copy your Server hostnameServer hostnameServer typeServer port and Password.
NOTE: Your porn number and password will varied depending from your control Panel AutoDJ status (enabled ot disabled)

1- Launch Audio hijack
2- Select New Session
Audio Hijack

3- Select the Internet Radio Themplate
Audio Hijack

As you see audio hijack just loaded all you need for a quick start.

4- Select the Application Block to select the desired application that you want Audio Hijack to pick the sound from.
Audio Hijack

5- Select the Input Device Block to select the microphone, if you do not want to just one simple turn off that block.

6- Select the Broadcast Block

7- Click the Metadata Tab and enter your station details.

8- Click the Setup Tab and enter your Shoutcheap Live Source Connections information.

9- When you are ready to broadcast simply select the button on the lower left corner.

NOTE: If you get this error, go to your Shoutcheap Control Panel and verify that your account is running (Start Mode)

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