Icecast Hosting / Online Radio In 5 Minutes.

Broadcast Live and effortlessly using a ICEcast Hosting Servers. You can quickly and easily stream your station all over the world whilst keeping track of who is listening and where they’re from.

What is icecast?
Is icecast a professional grade solution?
How easy is it to use icecast?


Icecast has mountpoints which means it automatically transfers listeners from the Auto DJ to the Live streaming and back again without having to manually turn anything on or off. So you connect and all the listeners are transferred from the autodj to the live streaming and then back again when you are finished. This, unlike WHM Sonic works with MP3 streams so it works with any media player (ie. Windows Media, Real Player, I-Tunes, Win-Amp, even flash players!)

ICEcast Hosting Servers is similar to Shoutcast in many ways, however allow you to stream using MP3, Ogg, Aac+ or Opus supported media.

All Icecast Hosting Packages will include Free Auto DJ. Our autodj system will allow you to upload your mp3’s to the system and to be able select multiple playlists and stream 24/7 without having your computer on all the time.


Control Panel
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How to get start?

Start to stream in 3 simple steps:
– Choose your Bitrate
– Choose how many Listeners
– Checkout – Get Started

How we price it?

Accounts have unlimited traffic but a bitrate and listeners limit. All this plans include the AutoDJ with all its great features for free.

How we support it?

All package include 24/7 Online support, Ready to answer all your questions and help you to start streaming as soon a possible.

Want To Known Why, We Think You Should Choose.

Reliable Servers

Servers with redundant network and data center infrastructure, with the goal of providing efficient and cost effective high speed Icetcast hosting solutions to your Online Radio.

Cloud Auto DJ

web based automation software to Broadcast 24/7 without the need of using your computer all day. Just upload your files, create a playlist and start streaming.

Multi DJs

If more than one DJ performs on your station, you may find it desirable to delegate limited access to the control panel to each DJ. This is made possible through the use of DJ accounts.

Live Source Switching

If your live broadcast loose the connection or if your live broadcast simply ended, the control panel automatically switch to your default playlists in your Cloud AutoDJ as a backup to your Internet Radio.

Music Library

Uploading your files to the Cloud AutoDJ library allows you to create multiple playlists. Your own Internet Radio in autopilot 24/7 using the Cloud AutoDJ. Additionally you can broadcast live whenever you like.

Reporting and Statistics

Monitoring your stream’s audience, performance and resource utilization is essential to running a successful Internet radio station. Shoutcheap’s statistics system provides information about listener trends and demog.

Intro / Fallback Files

Intro a short audio that listeners will listen before your audio streaming when tune in to your Internet Radio. Fallback a short audio that listener will listen if your live feed get disconnected until your live feed is live again.

Station Exposure

Icecast Directory where you can reach thousands of listeners. Submit your station to other Internet Radio Directories. Access from Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, common desktop media players such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, Real, Winamp, Mobile Devices and many more.

AutoDJ Music Scheduling

Weekly countdowns, “top 10” lists, or pre-recorded content to be aired at a specific date or time. The Scheduled playlist type allows you to schedule these shows in advance and have them play automatically at the appropriate date(s) and time(s).

24×7 Online Support

Knowledge Base containing articles with step by step information, tutorials and videos to help you with your internet radio station at any time, Also you can contact us via support tickets for any quiestion that you have.

Widgets Codes

Shoutcheap provides a number of widgets that you can embed into your web site’s pages to automatically provide information about (and interactivity with) your station, including tune-in links.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Icetcast Unlimited Bandwidth Plans are available, Broadcast 24/7 to thousands of listeners and never get billed for your bandwidth usage. No Hidden Fees.

Icecast Unlimited Bandwidth Plans:

Accounts have unlimited traffic but with a bitrate and listeners limit. All this plans include the AutoDJ with all its great features for free.

Start to stream in 3 simple steps.
1- Choose Your Bitrate
2- Choose How Many Listeners
3- Checkout – Get Started

32 kbps

plans from:


32kbps Plans – FM radio voice – Standard for FM radio broadcasts. It will work well for any music broadcast, or as a higher quality option for voice broadcasts.

See 32 kbps Plans

Audio Quality


64 kbps

plans from:


64kbps Plans – FM radio Music – Using this bitrate will provide you a good quality to broadcast that works well for delivering more detailed quality music than 32kbps.

See 64 kbps Plans

Audio Quality


96 kbps

plans from:


96kbps Plans – Higher quality music – Using this bitrate will provide you a higher quality broadcast that works well for delivering near CD quality music.

See 96 kbps Plans

Audio Quality


128 kbps

plans from:


128kbps Plans – CD quality music – It will provide you a excellent audio CD quality, a broadcast that deliver very detailed sound and clear.

See 128 kbps Plans

Audio Quality


192 kbps

plans from:


192kbps Plans – Above CD quality – Provide  a very detailed sound and clear.

See 192 kbps Plans

Audio Quality


256 kbps

plans from:


256kbps Plans –  Excellent HD quality audio – very detailed sound and clear.

See 256 kbps Plans

Audio Quality


Icecast Peak Hour Plans:

Our Peak Hour Plans give you the flexibility to do more. Specially designed for those who have some peak of listeners at some specific hours during the day.
Also include the AutoDJ with all its great features.



  • 500 Listeners
  • 500GB Bandwidth
  • Up to 128kbps
  • Free AutoDJ

Get Started



  • 1,000 Listeners
  • 1,000GB Bandwidth
  • Up to 128kbps
  • Free AutoDJ

Get Started



  • 1,500 Listeners
  • 2,500GB Bandwidth
  • Up to 128kbps
  • Free AutoDJ

Get Started



  • 2,000 Listeners
  • 3,000GB Bandwidth
  • Up to 128kbps
  • Free AutoDJ

Get Started

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