RadioDJ Free Radio Automation Software

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Let me start off by saying RadioDJ has it all… and is FREE!

RadioDJ is a FREE Radio Automation Software for your online radio station. It has the best User Interface of all the free automation software that I have seen and is better than other paid ones.  The professional interface is simple, and does not have unnecessary options, menus or other things that you never use that tend to confuse you. Read more

Best Desktop Microphones

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Don’t matter if you do simple video calls over Skype or Google Hangouts, YouTube videos, podcast, make music or have your own radio show online, you will need a good microphone. In this era where everything is HD people look for the best quality experiences. Even at YouTube the most popular YouTube channels are the one that have better image and audio quality.

Early this year there was a survey to users (real consumers) that revealed what the favorite microphones are in a real world situation where everyone needs or wants the best audio quality for their money.

Here are 5 of the best microphones based on users reviews and experiences. The best for the money, in a professional grade, for desktop users, offering superior audio quality, while saving some space are listed herein no particular order: Read more

How to Get More Listeners for your Radio Station

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Radio seems so easy. Just because every day we hear a radio personality make his show sound so effortless people think radio is something easy to do. But building a successful Internet Radio Station and growing your audience is very hard work. It takes craft, skill, desire, and training. If you have desire and talent this article will help you to succeed. You will learn 10 strategies that you can implement to help bring more listeners towards your radio station. Read more

Options to listen

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In today’s world people use different operating systems and different browsers, Windows, Apple Lion os x, Linux, Google chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. For this reason is very important to provide a variety of options to tune in to your listeners.

The Most popular media players are:

  • Windows media player  (windows)
  • ITunes (Windows/Mac)
  • Real player (Windows/Mac)
  • Winamp (windows)
  • QuickTime (Windows/Mac) Read more

Make how to listen very obvious

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These icons are just an example. But you see how these icons get your attention. Your website should scream how to listen. You could have the case of a visitor who wants to listen but can not find how, and ends up leaving your website without listening.  Also maybe you have a visitor who finds your website by error but sees these icons or buttons saying listen here, listen now, listen live etc. and clicks the link just for curiosity and likes what he hears so you end up with a new listener. Read more

Define your Target audience

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You will need to identify your target audience, you will have a better chance to get the type of listener that really matters for your station. You may be thinking, hey listeners are listeners, yes, but, if you shape you strategy to attract the type of listeners your station will appeal to then listeners who are looking a radio station like yours will find you faster. Read more

Respect your playlist

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Your playlist is the heart and soul of your station. Unless your station is a news station or has a no music format, your playlist is your station’s heart and soul. This should flow like a surfer over a wave, have you seen a surfer? They don’t just go straight to the shore; they go up and down and sometimes with one or two tricks. The same should happen with your playlist. If you play your 10 best songs one after the other the same hour you will run out of gas for your next hour. What are you going to play the next hour? Your listener will leave because they already heard the best you got. Read more

Internet Radio Directories: Submitting and Promoting

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Everyone knows if you want to sell something you have to promote the item and online radio stations are not the exception. You can create a web page, use a banner or even send emails to promote your station and get more listeners but sometimes that is not enough. You have to promote your station where people go to find a station to listen. If you have been asking yourself one of these questions:

  • How do I promote my Internet radio station?
  • How do I get more listeners?
  • Where can I start promoting my station? Read more

Have a music schedule

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A schedule will be the content of your radio station that is organized by day and hours. You must have a chart on your website with information of your programming by days and hours, this will let your website visitors know about what you have to offer to them if they listen your station. For example, you have rock show Mondays from 7pm to 11pm, if your visitor is interested will tune in to listen that day and that time. If the visitors of your website don’t listen now you have the chance to have them as listeners later. Read more

The Website has to talk too

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You have a website right, your website is not only an electronic page online it is pretty much alive. When someone visits your website in only few seconds they receive a lot a messages,  from the shape, colors, images, tittles etc. Your website is the face of your internet radio station; this should talk too giving the message to the visitor of what your station is about. Your visitors will be interested in tuning in to listen to what you have to say. Use your website to attract listeners publishing news, articles or opinions about some theme you know will be of the interest of your visitors. Read more

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